Do You know the Road to Dali? No? You should, especially if you like travelling by bike!

Imagine fivehundered kilometers by bike, flavoured with couples of exhausting uphills as well as exciting downhills, always crossing amazing landscapes and picturesque villages, temples and parks. Come on and see some pictures of this three part journey we did in autumn 2001:


  Part 1: Imperial China

Our journey starts at Beijing. Visiting the Forbidden City and the Great Wall gives the right mood to get deeper insight into this strange world.
  Part 2: Biking from Lijiang to Dali.

Using Chinese tracking bikes we went from the small city Lijiang down to the Eyre-Lake and Dali, which is well known by Asian backpackers for many years.
  Part 3: Looking at the modern China

Is it really a communist country? No one may visit China without seeing the modern and commercial country. Unbelievable, but it's really the same nation!

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