Finland 2014

My 2014 journey to Finland was an unique experience. Lonely rivers and silent forrests covered with the continuous grey light from the short daylight. You can feel the frozen lonesome landscapes under your skin and in your mind and heart. Take some time and watch the pictures to feel the northern breath by yourself.

Kuusamo, Finland, February 9th to 16th, 2014

  • Landscapes

    The sparse vegetation disappears under a soft blanket of show. The landscape is smoothly covered with rey skies and the unique silence breathes quite a special mood.

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  • Trees

    Covered with harsh snow, the sparse trees turn to mystical trolls, humping and groaning under the heave load of the snow, sometimes with a bulbous nouse or crazy soucer eyes.

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  • Animals

    Well, Finish winter isn't the time of vibrant animal life. Nevertheless, there are lots of birds to watch - sometimes with a little help of cunning placed baits to see a real life golden eagle.

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  • Details

    To realize the real beauty of this unique nature, you must take a close look at the details. There are so many subjects and it's a case of personal view and mood to see this exceptional vibe all around ...

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