Rural India

After becoming acquainted with the Indian country and people at two more or less touristic hotspots like Mumai and Goa, we left the tourist tracks and startet to explore the rural life from quite different perspectives. Come with me to see authentic temples, roural villages, trucks and roads and get close to lots of amazingly friendly and open minded people. You might take a look at the Tour Map to get some feeling of the cycling tracks.

Mumbai/Goa/Karnataka/Kerala November 2015

  • Spiritual

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    Hinduism is not just the prime religion of India, it's also a symbol of the trustfull and pragmatic way of life. It has been called the "oldest religion" in the world. At our track, we hat the opportunity to visit some of the most native religious places in the southwest of india.

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  • Bazaars

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    India's street bazaars are the real photographers paradise. These amazing mix of crowds and spices, garbage and flowers, altars and underwar makes a unique scenery for amazing pictures.

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  • Roads

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    Well, the Indian traffic takes a little to get used to so the pictures from the roads while cycling are not that many. But nevertheles it was a unique experience to see the amazing swarming even on quite lonely rural roads ...

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  • People

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    If you travel through india on a bycicly, it's pretty easy to get in touch with the local people. They are so interested and open minded on everything coming from Europe. Again and again, we where asked to pose for a picture with them.

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Tour conception and guidance: Indien Erfahren (German), Frank Richter and Cycle South India (English), Josey

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