Welcome, dear Internet voyager and thanks for visiting this plain website. It's nearly two decades ago, when I dashed around the globe to visit one of the loneliest placed of our world. It was a summer trip to Alaska and I was deeply touched by power and will to survive of the nature and wildlife in this inhospitable part of the globe. I recognized, how vulnerable life no our planet is. From this first impression, a lot of further journeys followed. All of them started with a slight tingle, grow into burning curiosity and finally lead into a treasure of new impressions, friends and experiences. And all of them have a common sense. It's not the destination that counts. The journey is it's own reward, because the perfect destination opens up your mind for a complete view of our would, the nature, wildlife and - last but not least - mankind and it's endless colors of human mind, culture and art.

  • Indic Colors

    Mubmai, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, 2015

    Yes, I was there: in the Photogrphers Paradise. During November 2015, I spent three weeks on bycicle in the south-east of India. Vibrant colors, spices and lots of friendly people. As I said: the photographers paradise.

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  • Baikal Breath

    Winter in Sibiria, 2005

    Winter in Siberia - sparse vegetation disappears under a soft blanket. The Lake Baikal transforms into a bleak desert of ice. During February, 2005, we took the Trans-Siberian Railway to go from Moscow to Irkutsk and take a few days at the Lake Baikal with dog sledging and ice fishing.

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  • Fly Without Wings

    Laos By Bike, 2007

    Fly Without Wings is a travel report by Tiziano Terzani. For us, it perfectly describes this special journey - smoothly floating by bike and boat is the best way to get in deep touch with this exceptional nature and the unique kindness of the local people belonging to quite different ethnics.

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  • Amazon Discovery

    Camino a la Amazonía, Spring 2015

    In spring of 2015, we started an amazing journey at the former Inca capital Cusco in the Peruvian Andesm following adventurous roads crossing the Andes mountain, changed to a small boat to follow the Rio Madre De Dios to finally reach the mystical Amazon River at the jungle métropole Manaus

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  • Patagonia Chilena

    Torres Del Paine, Terra del Fuego, 1999

    The journey to Patagonia was one of the first big journeys. We spent three weeks on mountain bike with a amazing group of Chileans exploring the Torres Del Paine national park and Tierra Del Fuego, just riding our bike and sleeping in a small tent with a sleeping bag as the only dry place for two weeks.

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  • Road To Dali

    China By Bike, 2001

    Do You know the Road to Dali? No? Imagine five hundered kilometers by bike, flavored with couples of exhausting climbs as well as exciting descents, always crossing amazing landscapes and picturesque villages, temples and parks. Come on and see some pictures of this three part journey we did in autumn 2001.

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  • Dust & Wather II

    Photo-Safari to Northern Tanzania, 2012

    This is our second journey to Africa. We had the opportunity to visit the northern part of Tanzania together with a group of experienced hobby photographers. It was the first journey with a semiprofessional photography equipment and brought a lot of photographic experience.

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  • Trees'n Trolls

    Finish Winter, 2014

    Lonely rivers and silend forests covered with the continuous grey light from the short daylight. You can feel the frozen lonesome landscapes under your skin and in your mind and heart. Take some time and watch the pictures to feel the northern breath by yourself.

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  • Rivers & Rocks

    Kanu & Backback In The Rockeys, 2012

    In summer 2013 we met some good old friends in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Spectacular hikes in one of the most famous alpine areas of the world between Jasper and Banff gave amazing inside views from the Canadian Glaciers. After this, we had the opportunity to learn kayaking from real Canadian experts.

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  • Mitad del Mundo

    Ecuador and Galapagos, 2005/2006

    Journey to the Center of the Earth - yes, it remembers a bit to Jules Verne. We visited a country right at the equator, with the highest active volcanos in the world, at the mystic origins of the world's largest river and - last but not least - an archipelago, which is the living symbol of the human evolution in general. Really a unique experience!

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  • Bodypaint Festival

    World Bodypainging Festival, 2013

    Well, this is not a real journey, but nevertheless, it's a unique experience and a close look, what human art means. The World Bodypainting Festival annually takes place at the Austrian village Pörtschach at the shore of one of the most beautiful Carinthian Lakes, the Wörthersee. It's the official championship in this unique art.

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  • Jazz Festival

    Jazz Festival Saalfelden 2013

    The Salzburg region of Saalfelden/Leongang is quite well known for it's unique outdoor activities like moutingiking, skiing or tracking. But it's also the home of one of the most exclusive jazz festivals in Europe. Every year in late sommer, European musicans meet there to provide a firework of musicals innovations.

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  • Austrian Heritage

    Natural Wonders of Austria

    During the last years, I've collected just a handfull of shorer photo reports on some more or less known natural and cultural wonders of my home country Austria. Come on and watch some of them at this site ...

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